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Small Business Marketing – Blogging in 2013

Small Business Marketing - Blogging 2013Blogging in 2013 is going to be super powerful! Small business marketing is all about being able to send a message out the universe, having people see and then generating a response. Never before have we had the ability to contact our prospects and suspects so directly!

So what is blogging and how is it different than having a website? Blogs have a handy dandy little feature called an RSS feed (want to find out more, check out Small Business Internet Marketing – RSS Feeds) which SHOOTS your blog post out into the internet! That mechanism allows you to send a message about your industry, products, information, company news, events and more. A website sits there, waiting for up to 6 weeks for Google to notice changes that you make. So, number one, blogs allow instantaneous messaging.

Onto some practical applications for small business marketing, blog posts are fast to write (a good one can be as little as 300 words) and do not have to be perfect. They are a small bit of information about a subject and not meant to be the magna charta (long blog posts have lower readerships in general).

Join our media marketing club!You may have heard that blogging is fading as social media is rising. While social media is a great marketing platform, if you do not have a “hub” or place to put your own content, there is little chance for having a successful social media marketing campaign. Social media marketing is not the miracle that everyone says it is, it is hard work like everything else and we have found that pairing it with a blog is the right way to go!

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